“How can I reduce the size of my data for more effective transmission and storage? How can I reduce e-mail transmission time? How can I organize my data in the most efficient way? If you have been asking these questions, then you definitely need a compression tool.

Utilities to compress, organize and archive data have become a staple in today's computer world. Compressing and archiving data means placing selected data into a new format by compressing it, while still maintaining the integrity of the data. This makes the data smaller and easier to handle.

Compression tools not only reduce the size of single large files but can also squeeze several large files into an archive that behaves like a single file. This makes sending several or large files via e-mail at once, a piece of cake. This function is also good for saving related files in one archive so that they can be found easier later on.

Everyone should be using a compression tool to e-mail and archive smaller and encrypted files. Compression tools are so easy to use that if you don't use one you would be wasting valuable space and time. A compression tool is a must have for everyone who wants to bring order to and save disc space on their hard drives.

The compression tool we recommend using is WinRAR. WinRAR is a 32-bit Windows version of the RAR archiver, the powerful archiver and archive manager. RAR files can usually compress content up to 30 percent better than ZIP files. WinRAR's main features include:

• Very strong general and multimedia compression
• Processing of non-RAR archives
• Long file name support
• Programmable self-extracting archives (SFX)
• Damaged archive repair
• Authenticity verification
• Industry standard password encryption using 128 bits
• An intuitive wizard for novice users
• Themes (all available themes can be found at

With WinRAR, there is also no need to purchase add-ons to create self-extracting files, it's all included. Unlike the competition, WinRAR has already integrated the ability to create and change SFX archives (.exe files) by using default and external SFX modules. For more information about WinRAR please visit

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