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Microsoft Open License Program (MOLP)

Microsoft Open License Program (MOLP)

Number of Initial Licenses to be Purchased:
5 or more.

Organization Benefits:

Open License has the minimum license requirements and offers customers volume pricing with the flexibility to pay as they go. It allows them to acquire additional software products as needed to grow with their changing business needs. Open Business offers volume pricing with minimum license requirements. Open Volume offers a greater discount for a larger upfront order.

Products Included:
All commercially available Microsoft software products on the product list.

Licensing Offerings:
License, License and Software Assurance, (L&SA) and Software Assurance for renewals.

Software Maintenance Option:
Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing is a comprehensive maintenance offering that helps customers get the most out of their technology investments. It combines the latest software with phone support available 24 hours a day, partner services, training and IT tools that help customers deploy, manage and migrate software. Software Assurance benefits vary with each Volume Licensing programme. In addition, server licenses come with benefits that are different from those for desktop licenses.

Software Assurance is an additional option under the Open License programme. Customers can acquire a license and Software Assurance pack for the remaining balance of the term of the Open License authorization number. Customers must pay for Software Assurance in two-year increments, regardless of when it was acquired. In cases where time has passed after the initiation of an Open License programme agreement, it may be advantageous for customers to open a new Open License programme agreement to receive the most value from the Software Assurance acquisition.

Note that Software Assurance pricing is linked to the price of the license. The Software Assurance price is a percentage of the license price, computed annually. The annual Software Assurance fee is equivalent to 29 per cent of the license cost for desktop products and operating systems and 25 per cent for server software.

Software Assurance benefits for the Open License programme extend across the software life cycle and cover planning, deployment, testing, usage, maintenance and migration processes. Benefits include New Version Rights, Windows 10 Enterprise, Microsoft E-Learning, Home Use Programme, 24×7 Problem-Resolution Support, Cold Backups for Disaster Recovery and Extended Hotfix Support.


  • Open Business:
Minimum Order:
Initial order of five software licenses or one qualified product license.

Reorder Minimums:
One license and/or SA throughout the two-year agreement term.

  • Open Volume:
Minimum Order:
Initial order of 500 points in each product pool for which the customer wishes to enter into an agreement.

Office family products, development tools.

Windows 10 Professional upgrade licenses and SA.

All server-related licenses including CALs and processor licenses.

Reorder Minimums:
One license and/or SA within the initial product pool at the same price level throughout the two year agreement term.

Agreement Term:
Two years, not renewable.

Payment Options:
Upfront payment only.

Software Media:
Electronic License, product software to be downloaded from VLSC

Order/License Tracking:
When the accepted agreement and the initial purchase order are received, Microsoft will publish an order confirmation, including the authorization number and license number, to the password-protected VLSC within 24 hours, reflecting the updated license status. Customers may track and monitor licenses easily and conveniently and download and install licensed software through the VLSC. Upon acceptance of the agreement, the customer contact identified on the enrollment will be provided access to the VLSC, where he or she can find any required volume license keys, SKUs, product descriptions and quantities for the products ordered. Customers need an authorization number, a license number and a Microsoft Live ID or Passport ID to access the VLSC.

Agreement Renewal Options:
Open License programme agreements are non-renewable. Customers may start a new Open License programme agreement or other Volume Licensing programme agreement at any time. The Software Assurance for all licences in an agreement ends when the agreement term ends, regardless of when the Software Assurance was acquired. Customers can reinstate their Software Assurance benefits by starting a new Open Licence programme agreement for Software Assurance only within 90 days of the expiration of the agreement.