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Windows Desktop Licensing

There are only two legal ways to acquire a full Windows desktop license for a new desktop PC. The first and most economical way, is to have the software preinstalled by the PC provider (original equipment manufacturer or system builder). Or, customers can acquire a full packaged product license through retail stores and software retailers.

Each desktop PC must have a unique full Windows desktop license. Microsoft Volume Licensing programmes such as Open License, Select License and Enterprise Agreement cover Windows operating system upgrades only and do not provide a full Windows desktop license. Once the desktop PCs have a full Windows desktop license, a Volume Licensing programme agreement can be acquired and used to provide version upgrade rights.

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) operating system licenses originate and expire with each desktop PC. They are not transferable.

Understanding Windows Desktop Licensing

Many customers may be unaware they have unlicensed Windows desktops. Customers may be at risk if they:
  • Acquired desktop PCs without Windows desktop operating systems preinstalled and then used media associated with a Volume Licensing programme agreement to install Windows operating systems.
  • Acquired desktop PCs with non-qualifying Windows desktop licenses preinstalled with the base operating system and then used a commercial Volume Licensing programme agreement to upgrade to a different version of a Windows operating system.
  • Performed in-place motherboard upgrades without acquiring new Windows licenses.
  • Downloaded and installed software from non-Microsoft sources.
If you find you have mislicensed, unlicensed, or non-genuine Windows desktop software, there are Microsoft compliance solutions available. Windows 10 compliance solutions are available for Volume Licensing. See the chart below for all Windows compliance options.

Get Genuine Windows Agreement for Small and Medium Organizations (GGWA-SMO)
A Volume Licensing compliance solution available for 5 PCs or more which can be acquired from any Volume Licensing reseller.

Who is it for?
Small business, mid-market, or government organizations
Where do I get it?
From a Volume Licensing reseller
Minimum PC quantity
5 or more PCs
Program details
  • Customer support is available for purchase
  • Downgrade rights are available
Terms & conditions
Commitment to acquire only genuine Windows licenses going forward for new PC purchases

FQC-09478 - WinPro 10 SNGL OLP NL Legalization GetGenuine Buy Now online from VCS Store 

Get Genuine Windows Agreement for Academic (GGWA-A)
A cost effective way for qualified academic institutions to fully license their Windows operating system software on existing Windows PCs.

Where do I get it?
From an Academic Volume Licensing reseller

Minimum PC quantity
5 or more PCs

Program details
  • Use only to fulfill the qualifying Windows operating system requirement for purchasing Volume License Windows upgrade
  • Media unavailable
  • Downgrade rights available after a Windows upgrade license is acquired through an existing academic Volume License agreement
Terms & conditions
  • Commitment to acquire only genuine Windows licenses going forward for new PC purchases
  • Academic Open License agreement terms and GGWA Supplemental Agreement Academic Addendum

KW9-00311 - WINHOME 10 SNGL OLP NL Acdmc Legalization GetGenuine
Please note current Windows Desktop Legalization product for Academic Institutions is Microsoft®WINHOME 10 Sngl Academic OLP 1License NoLevel Legalization GetGenuine (Part Number: KW9-00311). No Download bits or product key will be provided, this Academic Legalization Licenses are only to qualify the PCs which do not have a proper underlying base license. Once the PCs are qualified customer can acquire Windows 10 Pro upgrade licenses through any Academic Volume Licensing program for which they qualify. Please review below details about GGWA.

Get Genuine Windows Agreement – Academic (GGWA-A)

  1. GGWA-A is intended to correct improper licensing situations on the base qualifying OS only. It is not intended for deployment but is to qualify customers to acquire upgrades through Academic Volume Licensing Agreements.
  2. GGWA-A licenses do not come with media because GGWA-Academic only qualifies academic customers to acquire Windows Upgrade licenses through the appropriate Volume Licensing program. Once customers properly license the underlying operating system through GGWA-A, they can acquire a new Windows Upgrade license through Microsoft Academic Volume Licensing or deploy an existing Windows Upgrade license. The Upgrade licenses give customers a chance to acquire media or download bits for the upgrade version of Windows.
  3. Returns or refunds are not permitted on GGWA-A purchases.
  4. Once customers have purchased GGWA-A, they can acquire Windows Upgrade licenses through any Academic Volume Licensing program for which they qualify, including:
    • Campus Agreement (for higher education)
    • School Agreement (for primary/secondary education)
    • Open License for Academic
    • Select License/Select Plus for Academic
Get Genuine Windows Agreement for Large Organizations — A Volume Licensing solution designed for companies with significant license compliance needs. It requires signing an agreement to specific terms and conditions and can be acquired from a Microsoft Large Account Reseller. 

Get Genuine Online Kit or Windows Genuine Advantage Kit via Online — This easy and convenient solution is available online for PCs that failed online validation.

Get Genuine Kit — An easy solution which is available via PC OEM resellers and can be used to bring any number of PCs into compliance.

Retail Package — FPP can be easily acquired at retail stores, this is the best option for small organizations and consumers having fewer PCs (less than 5 PCs) looking to legalize their Windows Software.
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