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Azure in Open

Azure in Open - A monetary commitment, that expires in 12 months and that a customer can use against any consumption-based Azure service.

Azure in Open can be purchased by all Commercial, Academic, and most Government organizations in countries that can procure using the Open Volume Licensing program and where Azure is available.

Purchase Azure in Open Volume Licensing - Customers purchase Azure in Open from their reseller in the form of an Online Service Activation (OSA) Key, which is a pre-paid 12-month monetary option that represents a specified monetary credit to a customer’s account. Once an OSA Key is purchased and redeemed, customers can spend its value on any consumption-based Azure service.

Azure Service cost - Azure pricing is specific to the services consumed. Detailed pricing for Azure services can be found at

Azure in Open Volume Licensing credit last -  Each OSA Key lasts for 12 months from the date of redemption. Purchasing a credit is not the same as activating an OSA Key. The 12-month subscription period only begins when a customer redeems an OSA Key.

Buy more credit for Azure services - If a customer wants to top-up their Azure account, they can purchase additional OSA Keys at any time from their reseller. A customer can also purchase more Azure credit with a credit card. However, credit card purchases are only recommended in a situation where a customer needs to top-up quickly and cannot reach their reseller, such as a holiday weekend.

Azure service credits are redeemable in increments of the approximate equivalent of ₹6,609.63 per unit purchased.

Part Number: 5S2-00003
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