VCS Desktop PC

Vishal Computer Solutions specialize in assembling desktop computers for home, small & medium business companies, institutions and large organizations.
 VCS Desktop computers are assembled through incorporating tested and certified, high quality, high performance and highly reliable components from reputed brands like Intel, AMD, Asus, Biostar, Mercury, Gigabyte, MSI, Seagate, Logitech, Microsoft, LG, Samsung, Sony, Transcend etc.

VCS Desktop PCs are assembled as per our recommended or customer specified configurations meeting all the hardware requirements to run their software. Our extra care while assembling and detailed inspection & testing of our Desktop PCs before delivery ensures that our PCs offer to our customers best value for money by way of high performance, trouble free and reliable operation.

We offer to pre-install on our Desktop PCs OEM Licensed Microsoft Windows 10 as the Operating System Software (Choose from Home and Professional). We also build Linux based Desktops PCs.

VCS Desktop PCs are backed by one year Customer Carry In Warranty. However, many components namely the Processor, Motherboard, RAM, and Hard disk have more comprehensive manufacturers warranty which may be more than one year. After one year of purchase of the PC, such warranties may be availed directly from the component manufacturer through their service centres. Customers can also opt to buy our extended and comprehensive warranty packages for 1 / 2 / 3 years the terms and pricing of which can be arrived at while ordering your PC with us. 
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